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  • Operations

    It was another ordinary day, another ordinary robbery, for the dim-witted Rediesel Wrench member Brock. Surrounded by Carleen's Guardian Angels, it was only natural that he would be captured by Lumopolis. However, waiting for him behind that bitter cold prison cell was another familiar face—Jona of the Rediesel Wrench...

    • A Bountiful Harvest

    • Defeated

    • Prison Break

    • Soaring Through the Air

    • Unthinkable Escape

    • Reunion

  • Operations

    It was late at night in Gannon, and like the rest of Illumina, Sharona was sleeping soundly until "someone" touched her tail. This strange disturbance went on for several days, and when the fed-up Sharona finally managed to track down the perpetrator, she gained an even more troublesome teammate in the process, Philyshy...

    • Visitors

    • A Conspiracy

    • Partners

    • Burden

    • Yumi

    • Friends

  • Operations

    It was a lazy afternoon, and out flowed the melody of –Home– from the old, yellowed music score. From the streets of Umbraton, a shy young girl, Connolly, looked up at Lumopolis. It was a magnificent palace, a paradise for believers, and a place to reside in, but it wasn't home, especially for a lone traveler...

    • Music Score

    • Rat

    • Civilian

    • Family

    • Home

    • Holiday

  • Operations

    Covered by ice and snow, the Northland was isolated for generations from the world outside. The gate of the queen's palace was shut tight, much like her frigid heart. However, that heavy gate was unexpectedly opened by a soft snowflake, who was small yet steady, always looking up at the aurora.

    • Prisoner

    • Outlander

    • Prophecy

    • Nightmare

    • Snowflake

    • Aurora